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Please comment on my profile if you wish for me to draw something. Information on the widget to the right. ----->

(Also, there is a very bad joke within this widget. Can you find it?)

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There is an image I have
Where I stand on a white road with a pale horizon
I look up and see my best friends
Far ahead of me
Their shadows are long and stretch way beyond their actual height
but I cannot even reach those
I hold out my hand, but fall
It's like I'm dragging my body
The image was not imagined, it just appeared
I don't know when it started, but I know when it was strongest
My best friend was upset she was 6th best in her class out of 48.
I was 26th.
No part of me could feel for her
though I tried
she didn't seem to care either
she continued to complain, disregarding how I felt

I hate cleaning
There has yet to be a time when I haven't found that cursed stack
an entire envelope full of certificates of Best in Class
Perfect Attendance
Most Improved
Best Effort
Friendliest Person
All back in middle school
Mom used to be so proud
I used to get so much praise
The gem of the family
The Gem
I haven't felt like that for so many years.
My sisters are the gems now

My friends succeed, get ahead of the class
My friend complained of her first 75 on a test
I got that two years ago
She complained of getting a C on a class I failed
No matter how I try, I just can't beat my meds
I am less than my friends
and I always walk behind a shadow

Being alone was the worst
My oldest friend, my mind
I panicked, never more realizing how worthless I am
I am a failure, the disappointing child of my family
I am incapable of receiving love from the one I want most
I am incapable of doing as well in class as my friends
I am incapable of helping anyone, much less myself
Yet most of all, I am alone
How can I find comfort in those who bring me pain?
Especially when they don't know they bring me pain
How could I explain
They are not to blame
Only I
and I alone
I, Alone
I kinda hope my friends don't read this
Kinna by Kuejena
I've been trying to improve on my people so uh, here we are! This is Kinna. He lives with Chocoshrooms's Rico and Pepper-Head's Cori on a farm. He was a slave until Rico and Cori helped him run off to their farm.  If you're wondering about his ear, he's a Dingo. 
He usually wears a cowl that reveals his mid-rift, but as winter nears, he needed something a good bit warmer.

Oh right! Nearly forgot! I was using a reference for this. I was recently introduced to the artist Fukari and I really like her art. 
Drawing I used---> your hands

Also, backgrounds. What even are they? How do?
Rico is love by Kuejena
Rico is love
Rico is life.
Two and a half years. Congratulations, really. 
I know the next months will be stressful, but I'll be there for you. Never forget that.



United States
Tentacle Stamp by She-Shark
I like dawing and writing and stuffs. But most of all, I am an obsessive fangirl. Some things I"m into are pretty well known such as Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Homestuck, but I'm also into various things here and there like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Oblivion (Bethesda games in general), Borderlands, The Great Gatsby... Books, Videos, and some web comics out there. Stay around, I might just be into something you are. : D

Commission List:
1. Eliza-Moon
2. Cyan-Airus
3. ---

I am willing to do anything (Nudity, slash, robot, furry, etc.). Keep in mind that somethings will take longer for me to do and may not come out as the best, though I will do my best to make it look nice. I will warn you before you pay anything if something is not one of my strengths.

Commission Journal here--->…


No Color 10:points: per character
Example: [Free Slot]

Color 15:points: per character
Example: [Free Slot]

Wherever you see [Free Slot], you may ask for a free commission.


Headshot Sketch 30:points: per character
Example: [Free Slot]

Fullbody Sketch 45:points: per character
Example: [Free Slot]

Colored Headshot 35:points: per character
Example: [Free Slot]

Colored Fullbody 55:points: + 10:points: per added character
Example: [Taken]

Colored and Shaded Headshot 40:points: per character
Example: [Free Slot]

Colored and Shaded Fullbody 65:points: + 20:points: per added character
Example: Cow Cutie by Kuejena


Headshot Sketch 30:points: per character
Example: [Free Slot]

Fullbody Sketch 45:points: per character
Example: [Free Slot]

Colored Headshot 35:points: per character
Example: [Free Slot]

Colored Fullbody 55:points: + 10:points: per added character
Example: Swoosh! by Kuejena

Colored and Shaded Headshot 40:points: per character
Example: [Free Slot]

Colored and Shaded Fullbody 60:points: + 15:points: per added character
Example: [Free Slot]

Interacting Characters (Kissing, holding hands, sitting on the other, etc.)
Kissing will always be and extra 5:points: added onto the prices below. Kissing is a pain to draw.

Sketch 45:points:
Example: [Free Slot]

Colored 65:points:
Example: [Free Slot]

Colored and Shaded 80:points:
Example: [Free Slot]


Animal Adopt (You may specify a base) 20:points:
Example: [Free Slot]

Human Adopt (You may specify a base) 30:points:
Example: [Free Slot]

Hand Drawn Adoptable (No Base, Can Be Anything) 35:points:
Example: [Free Slot]


NOTE ME ON THIS. This all depends on what it is. Do keep in mind that these will generally take longer to do, and I honestly don't know why you'd want me to make one. Because I'm exploring landscapes, this will generally be much cheaper.


To add just a simple color (with maybe a stripe or dot or something simple) 0:points:
Example: [Free Slot]

To add a simple design as background 5:points:
Example: [Free Slot]

To add a quickly sketched and lightly color background 15:points:
Example: [Free Slot]

To add detailed landscape background 30:points:
Example: [Free Slot]
I'm not as active on dA as I should be lately, I apologize, but I have something important to inform you all of. My laptop had a CPU failure, and everything I had on it is lost. My sai program, my art, my stories, my games, my work, everything. I just want everyone to know that if you commissioned or requested anything, it will take me a while until I can actually get to doing it. I deeply apologize to everyone. As soon as I can, I will be reinstalling my tablet and finding something that will let me draw again. Until then, please bear with me until I can get my stuff back. Eventually I will be getting a job and will be getting a new laptop as well as getting my old stuff onto my new laptop. A lot of things will be lost until then, so once again, I deeply apologize.

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